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As Seen On | Ask the Elder Law Attorney — explaining power of attorney, health care directive and other documents

READ THE ARTICLE on Question:  I recently had surgery and filled out one of those yellow forms at the hospital. Do I still need a Power of Attorney? Peggy Sanders:  The short answer is “yes.” But to explain the answer, let’s start by looking at the different legal documents involved. Many...Read more

As Seen On | Tips for protecting seniors and their legacy in the pandemic

READ THE ARTICLE on Seniors are especially at risk during the coronavirus pandemic. The numbers are shocking.  Of the current COVID cases in Snohomish County, almost a third are over 60. Of the death rate by age, almost 90% are over 60, with the highest death rate — 48.1% —...Read more

Cousin Erwin — How not to leave an estate

My cousin Erwin was a rascal. When he died at age 70, his assets included a 401k and a life insurance policy (both through his work) and a truck. He also had a lot of credit card and medical debt. Since I lived the closest, and because my wife Peggy...Read more